Benefits of Oriental Health Insurance Plans  

A study done by McKinsey, one of the world’s trusted global management company, in the year 2013, revealed that 56% of Indians are unable to afford a decent life. However, we assume the percentage has dwindled to a certain extent with improved government policies towards wealth, health and poverty. Yet, one field that has benefited both, the masses and the companies, is the Health Insurance sector. With growing vulnerability to illnesses and diseases, having a health insurance policy saves you from unexpected financial expenses. The Oriental Health insurance company has been a pioneer in fulfilling health insurance needs and provides plans as per your needs. Take a look at this article to know more.

Benefits of Oriental Health Insurance Plans

  • Efficiency in handling claims

The only reason people are reluctant to buy a health insurance policy is due to the downside of health claims. A Health claim is viewed as a mind-numbing process and is considered as an important aspect before buying insurance. However, with tons of experience in the insurance sector, Oriental Health Insurance Company handles claims efficiently.  The company accepts all legitimate claims and has the tradition of low claim rejection record.

  • Covers your Pre and Post Hospitalization charges

When an individual is hospitalized, it is very common for him/her to undergo several tests in addition to taking medication. Also, there are few examinations post the hospitalization period. These expenses are equally costly and cost you a bomb. Thus, to eliminate that additional cost, Oriental Health insurance company offers pre and post hospitalization expenses that will cover 30 days pre and 60 days of post hospitalization.

  • Day care Procedures are covered

Due to advancement in the medical industry, host of surgeries and procedures that required at least a day’s hospitalization are now completed in less than 24 hours. Therefore, not all insurance providers are keen on covering day care treatments. With Oriental Health Insurance, one can claim for Day Care Procedures and the entire list of day care treatments is available on company’s website.

  • An Extensive list of network hospitals

In case an emergency at any given point, arranging for finances for the treatment can be a difficult task. It wastes a lot of time and also proves to be extremely dangerous to the life of a person. Thus, under such a scenario network hospitals can come to your aid. You must always keep the list of hospitals closest to your home or office location.

  • In-patient hospitalization

Hospitalization expenses like room rent, nursing charges, ICU charges, OT charges, medicine charges, etc. are also covered. These basically are those charges which require a patient to be admitted to the hospital primarily, so that he or she can be closely monitored during the procedure and afterward, during recovery.

Buy Oriental Health Insurance – Save Money the Smart Way

  • Keep good health

Yes! One can save money by being healthy. Any insurer might levy additional premium or impose waiting period for certain diseases. Therefore, if you are healthy, your premiums will be lower compared to premiums charged from individuals who have health ailments.

  • Utilize the health insurance tax benefits

The health insurance policies offer tax deduction under section 80D of the Income tax Act, 1961. In case if you pay premium for yourself and your family, you get a maximum deduction of Rs. 25,000. Whereas if you pay a premium for a separate health policy for your parents, another deduction of up to Rs. 25, 000 is allowed. Also, in case your parents are a senior citizen, a deduction up to Rs. 50,000 is allowed.

  • Buy a policy when you are younger

Your age can determine the premium for your health insurance policy. Because when you are young you tend to live a healthy life without medical complication. Therefore, your premiums are comparatively lower at a young age.

  • Play smart with policy coverage

In case you are a family of 5 that consist of your parents (senior citizen), spouse and your kid, you can opt for a family floater for yourself, spouse and child and individual policies for each of your parent, instead of buying an individual health insurance policies for everyone.

In this way, each and every one is protected with good amount coverage in a cost effective way.

  • Opt for top-up policies

The best way to enhance your policy cover at low cost is to buy top-up policies. The top-up plans are well suited to your insurance plan and are generally cheaper than the base policies.

Where Should You Get Oriental Health Insurance From?

One can buy the Oriental Health Insurance online directly from official i.e.:


From a broker like Coverfox, i.e. directly online or by dialing the toll-free number 1800 209 9920

Thus, if you are new to buying health insurance, you can definitely choose Oriental Health Insurance without judging the insurance plans.