Bookkeeping 101 – Top 4 Applications That Make Accounting Easier

Among all other business processes, bookkeeping is one such procedure (or perhaps the only one) that every entrepreneur dreads taking up. If truth be told, the mere thought of handling accounts sends chills down most business owners spines.

But do accountancy practices really have to be that troublesome? Well, not if you’re all set to ditch that tedious spreadsheet for an all-purpose cloud-based accounting application. By making use of one of those, you can rest assured that you’re saving a significant amount of time from your hectic schedule and putting that to use on more important stuff.

Speaking of accounting apps, one thing that’s going to bother you the most is the very first step of choosing the one that you feel would work wonders for your business.

Yes, there are loads of applications to select from, but fortunately, many of them are exceptional, have got an attractively straightforward interface and come with versatile aspects. And you know what… these are the aspects that – dare we say – could seriously turn the whole process of accounting enjoyable!

Well, in this article, we’ve put together the top 4 applications which will certainly make accounting WAY easier for you. These come with free trials; meaning you can give them a shot, understand which works just fine for you and start using it. 


An online app intended specifically to provide its users with a more enjoyable and proficient way to deal with accounts, Xero is by far one of the best applications to opt for. Not only does it allows you to import every single financial operation in the database, but also links them to their corresponding transactions.

The efficient dashboard of Xero gives you an ‘easy-to-view’ image of the essential accounts, the inflow and outflow of cash, outstanding invoices and impending bills. It has got its own marketplace, which lets the users to enhance the performance of the app.

The pricing plan of Xero is divided into 3 categories, of which the ‘starter plan’ costs £10 per month with limited reconciliation aspects and invoicing, the ‘standard plan’ costs £22 a month inclusive of unlimited reconciliation and invoicing and the ‘premium plan’ costs £27.50 with improved aspects.


With an easy to comprehend software, Freshbooks is one such app that’s absolutely a delight to exploit. The easy to view and understand dashboard along with some excellent visualisations is what makes it the most rewarding app – mark our words!

By using FreshBooks to manage your business’s accounts, you can promptly craft slick and professional invoices and set up various electronic payment methods. Estimation, one-click mail sending and repeat invoicing are some other features that this app has to offer.

Like Xero, even FreshBooks has a 3 tier pricing plan. It’s $15 a month if you take up the ‘lite plan’, which lets you create bills for around 5 clients, $25 per month for the ‘plus plan’ for 50 clients and $50 a month if you take up the ‘premium plan’, which would be the best if you’ve got a huge client base (up to 500).

QuickBooks Online

Whether you want to manage your bills, accounts or invoices, QuickBooks online lets you do all of them from one place. Even more, not only does it looks vibrant, but also has a user friendly interface along with numerous other features. The feature majorly includes tax, sales, invoices, reporting stock and contacts.

All thanks to this amazing app’s online banking feature, now you can easily link your bank to it and download every single detail about your transaction. In this manner, it becomes way simpler to keep a track record of the inflow and outflow of your business’s cash.

If you’re a freelancer and wish to try this app, then simply sign up for its ‘self-employed plan’ for just £2 a month. And if you own a small business, then you can either opt for its ‘essentials plan’ for £6 per month or for the ‘plus plan’ which costs around £10 a month. 


If you’ve been searching for an accounting app that lets you manage time and invoices without any hassle, then Nutcache is definitely worth a shot! With this app, you can effortlessly craft countless invoices, send them in volumes to your clients as well as add your logo to it.

Apart from these two features, Nutcache also lets you to handle online payments and expenditure. And mind you, its multilingual software lets you coordinate and communicate with your clients and customers on a global level.

Unlike other accounting apps, Nutcache has its plans divided only into 2 categories. Its ‘pro plan’ would cost you roughly around £3 if you pay it on a yearly basis and £4 if on a monthly basis. On the other hand, if you sign up for its ‘enterprise plan’ and decide to pay annually, then it’s likely to cost around £9 and £11 if it’s a monthly payment.

Of course, it’s alright not to love accounting. After all, unless you aren’t really into it, accounting is perhaps not the reason why you walked into the business world!

Nonetheless, the list of accounting apps that we’ve mentioned above would certainly help you manage your accounts in an efficient way. So, give them a shot and understand how to get it all sorted.